Stores need a cozy and emotional atmosphere to increase their sales.
Costumer's behaviour is constantly evolving. After shopping online, clients are coming back to shopping offline in emotional physical stores.

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What, How and When to stock in order to make your Business profitable.
The right Merchandising is a matter of balance among products with different selling potentiality.
Finding the right mix allows a higher revenue.

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Sales Team is an asset that needs to be valued.
The latest Neuromarketing's studies are the key to understand the costumers' behaviour. Teaching these topics to Salespeople allows them to improve their selling performances.

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Fast identifying the costumers' demand and keeping them updated through a coherent and empathic communication are the two essential topics to engage your own clients and make your Business successful.

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Store, Selection, Staff, Speed, Social: all are connected. All "S" are important base for your success. Emotional Store, appropriate Selection, well trained Staff, Speed to catch costumer's new demand, Social Media to engage clients.

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