How To Be Successful In The Retail Business

In the digital era, the physical Store needs to become more attractive, engaging and emotional. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to track what's happening in the Retail business. Following our simple rules, you will be a winner in today's competitive market.

Founder Members

Since 1993, Venus works in Consultancy and Education Business for Retail. Venus creates projects for both independent stores and chains, applying the newest criteria of Visual Merchandising, Visual Marketing and Neuromarketing.

Beatrice Rizzi

Marketing Strategy for Retail

Sergio Vian

Marketing and Product Development

We Believe In What We Do

We believe in what we do because we are doing it with expertise and passion. We work together with national and international companies. We apply a transparent and understandable methods. We love our job and we are ready to reach successful results with our clients.

What We Do
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